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Enjoy our fantastic 5 days cruises around National Komodo Park on the liveaboard EMPRESS!
Our boat will depart from 1 June until mid September 2018.

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Indonesia is a beautiful country situated on the equator. It is an excellent choice to Dive. Komodo is one of the islands attracting divers from all over the world. To Dive in Komodo is a unique, on the global scale, for many reasons. Foremost, to Dive in Komodo is to experience one of the best dives in the world. In the Komodo environs you can find both large and small forms of life, suitable for Macro photography.

Beside diving, Komodo offers many land lures. This island is the habitat of the world famous Komodo dragons. They also Dive but only in small island rivers. Therefore sea diving around Komodo is safe, not threatened by these large reptiles.

Komodo lies next to Flores, not far from Lombok and Bali. To Dive in Komodo we sail out from Lombok. To reach Komodo takes two days of sailing, of course we Dive on the way. Then we spend two days on Dives in Komodo. Afterwards we Dive around Flores and return to Lombok. To Dive in Komodo, the whole expedition should take at least one week, from weighing anchor to completing the cruise. Diving in Komodo is one of the most thrilling Indonesian diving destinations, giving us memories not only from the Dives but also from the land excursions.

If you wish to Dive in Komodo you must take a camera with the diving casing and to set apart some time to visit the Komodo island itself. To be there and to not see the Komodo dragons reduces by 50% the attractiveness of the Komodo diving expedition. Many divers come here not only to Dive in Komodo but mainly to see the famous Komodo lizards.




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